Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GREAT letter toy

SO while out and about today trying to get a ggod doula folder together we stopped at Office Depot for some supplies. While browsing around I found a school area. Well sitting on top os a random shelf was a misplaced book. It was a large spiral bound book about 4 pages front and back of dry erase board pages. On top was a little sipper ouch with two markers and fabric eraser. The pages have the old fashioned tri lined setup to learn to write on and each letter has a line. The first set is upper and lower case and next to that is a fades gray dotted letter, along with numbers and arrows to show you and remind young one the right order to move so that they are not willy nilly tracing but actually writing out the letter the right way. It also has this set up for numbers and shapes. It also has picture math problems and a free doodle page. I was hoping this would be a hit and it was. He LOVES this thing and can't get enough of it!

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