Saturday, January 31, 2009

Little things...

I hope to add to this later but nursing and typing past bedtime here.

This morning E was playing with one of his alphabet puzzles and he had one of the letter one over from where it should be. I was nursing J on the couch and he was getting a little miffed with the situation at hand. He had the 'A' in his hand but the 'B' was in the 'A' spot. I told him, " E, move the B over so that the A can fit in the right spot. Usually he will grab any random one but he grabbed the B and moved it to the right spot and the A got to go right in next to it. I was so happy for him and he looked at me with that lightbulb as just gone off look. It was awesome! He then showed me an 'E', 'A', 'B', 'J', 'N'. I don't know who was jumping up and down more! It was awesome. I think that the idea of fractions is starting to come together. He seems to like the simplicty of it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Scientist

Well today was a long day, day four of no therapy and we are all about to pull our hair out. While Junah FINALLY took a short nap E pulled out the awesome 5 dollar yard sale find from last year, the Tasco mircoscope. I had one just like it and LOVED it. It looks like he might share the same wonder. He was very taken with the given slides of feathers and pine pollen and such. Well that can only keep a little boy occupied for so long. That is when the facination of ones bugers and such take over. Yes, he wanted to check out his bugers, Dooley hair, and mud from the dog towel. Oh yes, boy through and though!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It has gone to the birds!

So almost two weeks ago we got some birdfeeders set up. Two on the shepards hook and a suet basket on the line. And for two weeks NOTHING. Well we were happily surprised this morning to a large handful of avian friends that have finally found us! We hope that they tell there friends so we can enjoy them as they keep warm and full on these cold days. I look forward to them learning all the birds like I did as a child.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thru it all...

I really can't believe I could ever love someone so much! Today at therapy Jill, one of his OT's was telling me how wonderful E is to have. I know that as his mama I think he is a genius and wonderful and all that fun stuff but to hear it from a therapist that sees so many others it means alot. She was saying how she loves how literal he is, and how she can get him to do most anything if she tells him that it is a part of the Young Astronaunt Program, something to which he replied, " but I NEED to go to college! What about college?!" He is such a hoot! He is so sweet and smart I have to keep telling myslef that when we are in the moment that seems to never end.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The "Agenda"

SO taking my aunts idea and lead I asked Easton what he wants to learn before Christmas this year. I had the calender out and was talking about all the holidays and such. It was an interesting list but very valid and should be alot of fun!

Easton Wants to Learn:
* Planets
Monster Jam ( I told you it was interesting)
Presidents ( I think this weeks events had something to do with that)
Geography ( Germany, Atlanta...)
Letters/ Spell his name

SO there are the goals for this year. I think it is reasonable and going to be fun!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

" Hey Y'all!! Watch This!"

Some say it is a rednecks last words, in our house it is the mantra of the days! I am rather proud of how I let go and let Easton be Easton. This little shannagans is his latest pride and self discovery. I guess it is a loose lesson in physics, or so I try and tell myslef! I know that a broken bone is only a matter of time but this is the activities that he craves and really truley craves. I feel very blessed to have him around. He is a constant reminder to not take life so seriously and to have fun!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Free at last, free at last...

Today was an important day here. Not only is it a day to remember an amazing man and what all he did for us as a human race, but the eve of the swearing in of a man that 60 years ago could not even ride in the front of the bus. It was a great day for e to learn alot. We went to an event honoring middle school kids that have pledged to serve there community. It was so amazing to see so many kids wanting to do better. We also went to Central High, where the Little Rock Nine intergrated the school that changed the country. It was very powerful to stand there and see it in person. It was a wonderful day for e to learn about equality and hate and doing the right thing. All this is perefect timing for us right now. He has a little Dukes of Hazzard car that has the confederate flag on top. Well, we see that flag alot around here, but not for the right reasons. This week e has noticed them and gets all excited about it, something I am NOT happy about. This has led to talks about that flag and what it was and how that changed. It hurts me to have to explain to his sweet kind soul the honesty and harsh reality of racism, and how prominint it is here in our very town. I only hope he wil be among the future of change and hope and equality. I pray for our leaders saftey, I would hate to see the worst happen to such an amazing man.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So it seems that around 3 his interest in puzzles sky rocketed. He is rather quick about them and loves the challenge. When he starts to get willy puzzels seem to work. He has quite a few and does them for a while when the mood strikes. One of his newest is a 48 piece floor puzzle. Since J was adament on 'helping' with it today we took it to the table which was a feet but it was a new twist and challenge that he loved. Reocrd time of 7 minutes to finish. He reconized that Jupiter starts with a J, like Junah. He gets so happy when he connects the dots like that!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tantrum Tuesday

So it appears that e had a bit of a tif with his OT today. Spend some time in timeout for throwing a ball at her face when she was telling him she was in charge. He has been awfully squirlley lately:( I think he might be coming down with a cold or something, he is just all off his rocker.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tic Tock

I have picked up on the fact that e is getting the idea of time down. He has always done really well with a timer but now the clock concept seems to be kicking in. He wants to see one everywhere we go, almost obsessive. When I said to him " at 9 o clock we are leaving" RIGHT on the dot ( I didn't notice until a few mintutes later) he had gotten his shoes and jacket on, a diaper for J, and went out to the garage, opened the garage door, started the car, opened all the doors and got strapped in before I could even get my shoes on and a diaper change. He told me it was nine and that it was time to go.
He loved talking about clocks and time. I am trying to show him that it is broken up into 5's and such. I hope I am not totally blowing his mind, he seems to get it. It is helping with number recongiton.
He also got a ginormas pencil today and LOVES writing with this thing. It is rather funny to watch but it seems to help him so whatever works right?

Speech Fun

* EDITED * I am losing my mind, thought I sounded familar writing this so go and look back and saw a post almost like it! I swear everyday is groundhog day!

So E has been doing speech therapy for about a month or so now and I can really tell a difference. I guess I didn't really see what he needed until I started to see improvments. His therapist told me that he doesn't care at all for the flashcards that she has, he wants her to draw the picture and words so he come home with these little posters that we have all over at his level. When ever he passes them he stops and goes over them one at a time, and you can hear a difference. As always he enjoys the challenge and take it on with gusto! This week it is "D's" in the middle of a word. I love seeing how he takes on a challenge and the look of victory when he knows he nailed something hard for him. These picture seem to be helping with letters since he is correlating the sound to the letter and then the placment of it in the word so it is a bit of phonics as well.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jumping for joy!

Today was busy but fun. AFter church we had lunch with a friend and then headed off to our friends twin's birthdya party at the gymnastics gym. E couldn't be happier! We have gone to this gym on and off since he was about a year but not to much, and last time was about a year ago. Well they have the high bar over the pit to practice dismounts and e has been drawn to this since he was about 18 monthes. He always beelines over there, climbs p and jumps off. IT is a good 9 or 10 foot drop, never blinks loves it. Not at all sensory seeking!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Falling behind already!

I am so bad!! It is not even two weeks into the new year and I am already behind! In my defense J has been super needy and not sleeping without my chest under him for over a week now!
We have been taking it easy. Today we went to the library for story time. The theme was 'snow' and once again e blows my mind. When the leader mentioned that we don't get much snow here he HAD to correct her. " YES we DO! Mom put bags on my feet!" Um that was two years ago! He told me detail for detail that day two years ago. I was floored! I know he has a mind like a steel trap but MAN it always catches me off guard. He is so funny at atory time since he feels the need to add his opionins the whole story long and make everything stop when a train comes.
Oh that silly lil boy!

Busy Day

WOW was yesterday a whilwind! Weather still crapy but we kept busy. E got to go to therapy for two and half hours and came back with a big paper for homework. Words like one, wand, winter, web, worm, water, wnner, Birthday Cake, radar, ladder, hidng, radish, hot dog, muddy, spider....
I have all these papers that he has gotten ( they have the pics drawn on them as well) up in areas that are high traffic for him and on his level. Every time he passes them he stops and goes over them really slow and deliberate. It is nice to see an improvment on something I never really thought was that bad, guess I was in denile. I love how in stopping and slowing down he has to learn the letters with the sound and I can see the ground work being laid for reading. When he sees letters now when about he will say the letter, the sound, and a few words that start with it. I am so proud of him!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ice Cold

SO today has been nothing but freezing rain, FUN! E was very interested in the growth of the icey wonders all over the deck and roof! It amazed him that they were little this morning and everytime he looked they grew! We talked alot about how weather works today and how rain forms. I used a sponge to him. The clouds can hold alot of moisture but they will get to full and rain falls down. He dug it but it turned wet and willy fast! He had fun though and so did Junah. Learning just isn't fun with our getting wet and crazy!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Space and Nature

So today was a great day! We had had enough of sitting around and the weather was GORGEOUS! We have thought of going to the Aerospace Museum to check it out for a while so we packed up the fam and headed on down. When we got there the building appreared to have alot of potential, you could see some old biplanes inside and it sat up on a hill so it looked rather large. Upon walking in there was a life size replica of a capsule and command module with an astronaunt space walking hanging from the ceiling and the room was round so all along the wall was a mural of space that was very well done, aside from the cheap and cheesey quarter games along the wall and the sparatic holes in the wall and nasty beat up carpet... We got very excited at the potential of what was to come up the stairs. At the top of the staris is the HUGE room with the rounded wall of windows. Very light and open. It housed about three or four larger old style planes and that was it. No real info on them or anything. Off to the corner were a few large curios of space, but more sci fi memorbilia. They actually had his huge Saturn V he got for Christmas and a few other random things, the COOLEST was a painting done by Al Bean and many of the apollo guys signed around it. Easton loved tracing the signatures of Charlie Duke, Al Bean, Jim Lovell and many more with his finger. He kept saying " letters like astronaunt" And that was it. It is sad the wasted potential of the place but at least we found a few good gems in the rough!
Since that adventure took all of 15 minutes tops we then wanted to go on over to the new nature center that opened downtown this past week. VERY cool. A perfect sized tank for all the very large native fish of this great state so that he could see righ in but also look down from the surface as well. They had a baby alligator which was a hit with him. Also all the furs he could touch and feel and caress. It was very well done and look forward to what else is to come to the facility.

SO lots of adventures today, I hope that has the weather becomes warmer and as the year goes on we can find more places like this to explore.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Another at the links

So I didn't see much of the boy today, he went to therapy with daddy and then to the golf course. Can't get much better than that for him! I wish I could have seen it but daddy said it was awesome. He would count out the balls for them each and take turns and even sunk a few 20 foot putts. WIsh I could have gone but the two of them at a blast male bonding.

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