Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Night Toddlerhood

So We finally found a sheet set for E after getting a full mattress last week. While we were at swim lessons daddy got the bed set up as a surprise. I am so mad that I didn't grab the video camera in time. He nearly fell over when he walked into his new room. It was one of the best moments with him. The excitment and pride was over the top. He kept telling daddy thank you and showing us all the differnt things on it. It has really hit us in the past week, since he started riding the big boy bike with training wheels, and now this, he is not a toddler anymore but a little boy, quickly changing before us.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...

SO in talking to Easton about our upcoming Flordia adventure I was showing him where it was on the map and how it is differnt there. Different birds, animals, plants. I told him about coconuts and that we had had some with our rice a few days before and that he loved it. I tried to explain it to him but what fun is that. We went to the commisarry and picked us out one. It was quite the effort, the two of us banging that dang thing, I am sure we resembled some early primate speicies. After a bit if busting attempts we got it to work. You would think after all this he would be loving the fruits if our labor. Um, no, not so much, he thought it was nasty, well at least it was fun right?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Growing Upward

So I felt bad as I washed dishes this morning and remembered that I had forgotten to water the little seeds that sat just below the surface of the soil on my kitchen window sill. Has I lifted e up to pour the water in we were both shocked and surprised to see that the warm sun and Eastons ambitious waterings have produces some small, tiny, upward growing sprouts! Dill was already about a half inch high and the basil was just starting to unfurl a tiny leaf from the tucked away seed pod. E was amazed at how the dill was growing at a slant toward the window. When I told him how they grow toward the sunlight he was blown away! ( but mom, they have no eyes!! How do they know!" I took him in his room where the sun warmly and comfortly shone bright though his window. I blindfolded him, let him back down the hall and back in turned him around in his swing and asked him to find the sun. He couldn't beleive that he was able to just like the seedlings. Nature rocks!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just keep swimming...

SO after three years of saying next year I FINALLY got E signed up for swim lessons. I figured with us going to Flordia in May he would really enjoy it better if he has some concept of water safety. I totally surprised him with it and he was blown away. He did wonderful and is already over the fear of going under the water. I am so glad that we are doing this finally!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Avian Homes and Banana Bread

So we are going to a couple times a week paint a birdhouse to hang out back for our feathered friends. I LOVE seeing the art that he comes up with and the anticipation for the birds to pick them out. I hope we don't get passed over because these are some designer paint jobs and prime real estate! WE also use the paint time as a chance to learn about the color wheel, primary colors, and how three colors can make the colors in the rainbow, He discovered the recipe for green and purple, My little piccaso.

WE also got around to making some yummy banana bread. I LOVE baking with him because of the math that is so apparant. Not to mention it is funny and delish! The kneading of dough is great for him, the mashing of over ripe bananas is just fun, and the measuring is a hidden lesson that he enjoys. It gives us time to be together and talk in comfort. I hope we can keep this up though the years.

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