Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Growing Upward

So I felt bad as I washed dishes this morning and remembered that I had forgotten to water the little seeds that sat just below the surface of the soil on my kitchen window sill. Has I lifted e up to pour the water in we were both shocked and surprised to see that the warm sun and Eastons ambitious waterings have produces some small, tiny, upward growing sprouts! Dill was already about a half inch high and the basil was just starting to unfurl a tiny leaf from the tucked away seed pod. E was amazed at how the dill was growing at a slant toward the window. When I told him how they grow toward the sunlight he was blown away! ( but mom, they have no eyes!! How do they know!" I took him in his room where the sun warmly and comfortly shone bright though his window. I blindfolded him, let him back down the hall and back in turned him around in his swing and asked him to find the sun. He couldn't beleive that he was able to just like the seedlings. Nature rocks!

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Catherine Anne said...

Very neat for the kiddos. Its our kids new fav thing. I miss talking with all of you on LRM. I have had some password trouble. They are looking into it for me.

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