Sunday, March 1, 2009

Avian Homes and Banana Bread

So we are going to a couple times a week paint a birdhouse to hang out back for our feathered friends. I LOVE seeing the art that he comes up with and the anticipation for the birds to pick them out. I hope we don't get passed over because these are some designer paint jobs and prime real estate! WE also use the paint time as a chance to learn about the color wheel, primary colors, and how three colors can make the colors in the rainbow, He discovered the recipe for green and purple, My little piccaso.

WE also got around to making some yummy banana bread. I LOVE baking with him because of the math that is so apparant. Not to mention it is funny and delish! The kneading of dough is great for him, the mashing of over ripe bananas is just fun, and the measuring is a hidden lesson that he enjoys. It gives us time to be together and talk in comfort. I hope we can keep this up though the years.

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