Monday, February 15, 2010

Schnappi die Kliene Krocodil

So Easton today during J's nap wanted to work on some school. I thought I would see if he might be up to writing since he has been against it recently. I was shocked that he said yes, but he wanted it to be in German. We have been learning Schnappi and he LOVES it so I asked if he wanted to learn how to write Schnappi and Krokodil, he jumped on it and I was so proud! He still is stuggling alot with them but he was not as resistant to help today so we were able to make some progress and he ended up doing wonderfully!

Mrs Lindell gave him some of these very cool animals information pages and there was one on crocs and gators and we read the whole thing today. It was great in showing him the difference in the two animals and where they live. I really want to get a big world map and when we learn stuff get stickers for that and place where needed.

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Holly said...

Leah, I love what you're doing! I'm now convinced that the more that we follow the lead of our children, the more we all will learn. These kids know what they're doing. They haven't yet been corrupted by a system that tells them what and how to think. Trust them. Trust them. Trust them.
I love you!!!!
By the way, send some of your followers my way. I'm trying to up my readership!! :)

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