Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where do Crocs and Alligators Live?

In the water! So what do you think or art was today? Watercolor! Talked about you can make art with anything. We then talked about how crocs and alligators are reptiles and what make a reptile a reptile and the difference in mammals and reptiles. To help him with the scale concept I had him cut a sheet of green construction paper into all kinds of small little pieces. He then had to glue them all over an alligator to show him how scales work. He loved it and it was great therapy for him. As you can see, Junah was very active in it all today.
Also they are both learning and loving Schnappi, die Kliene Crocodil, the German kids song about a baby crocodile and how it is born from an egg and goes looking for his mama. So that covers our German lesson. We are going to work on handwriting again Monday I think, if he isn't to resistant to it again. Working on some math games we can tie in with it.
Oh, and he found a shirt at the store the other day I had to get for him! We found it very fitting for this lesson we are on.

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