Wednesday, December 31, 2008


SO my goal is to really keep up with this. I would like to say a post a day with a picture but if five days a week is all I can manage that would be acceptable to me. Everyone asks what my resolutions are for the new year. I guess I am an odd duck, I think that everyday I give myself challenges to keep up with it. I guess for e it is the same. I would like to see us continue to learn with and thru each other. When he grows, I grow, and it is awesome to see and feel that everyday. If I have one goal for this year I think it would be that he learns to write his name, know his address, phone number, and know his letters and numbers. I think those are things that he is well within reach of even in the next few montehs. That is the great thing about relaxed learning, it ebs and flows with our life and what doesn't work today is always there for when he is ready. He truly knows how to learn and all I have to do is offer what he asks for.

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