Monday, December 15, 2008

" You Spin Me Right Round Baby...."

So once again Easton has found a priceless toy in the new lazy susan. Oh how much fun this thing brings to him. We have taken this great play toy and used it to learn about centrifical force. He has fallen in love with this good ol' physics theory. He loves to watch things fly off from cups, to planes, to his own self! It is the simple things in life uh?
Also a HUGE leap today in numbers. He has never been the mathamatician, which is fine with me. But today at lunch he wanted nuggets. I poured them out and he aid he wanted two. "Well how about a few more, you are pretty hungry I think." When he saw the plate he said, " no mama, two, not five!" I was shocked, I went and looked, and there were five!

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