Saturday, January 2, 2010

Books and Pencils

I was reminded to today of one of my favorite smells as a kid I have not smelled in a very long time. Pencil dust. As I was showing E how to use his pencil sharpener it hit me and it was like I was back in Mrs. Madays class, and every classroom after. That clean crisp lead and wood smell. I never knew I could find such warmth in it. It is almost like it was a foreshadowing of what these years and experiences that are going to bring for all of us. Smell is such a powerful sense, likely my favorite. I hope that E looks back as fondly as I can on what the smell of a simple pencil can bring!
Although I still feel that we are unschooling, relaxed learning, natural learners or what ever you want to call it, I am sifting through different things that we are going to do to learn the magic of english phonics and reading. He in the past month or so is showing more interest in letters, though nowhere NEAR knowing all of them. I would say he knows MAYBE 12 letters and what they say but somedays he seems to want to lend more effort than others and I jump on those while the getting is good. Numbers and letters both are going to be learned this year I feel.
I am BEYOND blessed with an amazing friend here, as well as an aunt and friends afar that are all beyond inspiring and helpful to us, Easton has a best friend that is about a year and change older than himself and the two of them together is the best! His mother has quickly become a wonderful friend as well as we travel down similar paths with boys facing very similar challenges. Wise beyond her years and a wonderful resource of aid and commradery in this journey. I love hearing her input and having her around.
Today we went to Mardel's to get some workbook. E loves them, they do them alot in therapy so when they had some of the same ones he was very enthusiastic about sharing them with me as well so I found them on sale which was awesome. Added to the ones that Laurn picked up for me at Target ( they always have good school stuff this time of year in the dollar section!) and I feel that we have a good little stash to choose from. I am also loving the posters. I can't believe how much I LOVE going to these stores! I never thought I would be this way but I embrace and enjoy it! Since E is HUGE into stormchaseing right now we got another poster on 'stormnados' and another on the clouds and the water cycle. We are going to all attend the NWS storm spotter class in the next few monthes to become official weather spotters! He is beyond excited! I am anxious for storm season this year now that we have a stormchaser on our hands! He is going to want to chase every storm we find!


Catherine Anne said...

Love smells that bring me back!!! Love that you are blogging!!!

StoicBirth said...

Well thank you!!!! Thought of you the other day! We should try and get together sometime!

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