Friday, January 1, 2010


It is that time of year again where we feel the need to revamp our lives, like it is the last day we are going to live. I would like to think I look at everyday with the enthusiasm and gusto that over takes us at New Years. But I guess I don't since LAST years goal of keeping up with this went to pot so alas here I am again, with the same challenge, same gusto, same bat time. Maybe knowing that this really is the year that Easton is really going to be getting more involved in the learning. I always let him lead the way but I have come to the reality that I don't have a toddler and baby anymore, that time as elluded me into a mother of two young boys. Junah is going to be very much apart of the learning process this year, a much more active participant in our day to day learning. It is so unique the difference I see in the two of them. Both have so much to offer not just themselves, but myself and each other.
As with tradition, I asked E what is on the years agenda and the list he gave me is awesome and exciting. I look greatly forward to this journey with my boys this year! Here is the list and away we go!!!

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