Sunday, January 3, 2010


So it looks like nick finally got his wish, SNOW! Be it is just flurries and looking like a heavy frost it is snow so him and the boys are stoked!!! E is really getting the weather cycle down and we are going to be doing some experiments in the next few weeks to demonstrate it more for him. I found some awesome books at Barnes and Noble yesterday, I am going to have to get up there with a big notebook and no kids one afternoon!
So with all the excitement of this dusting I got out the microscope to show he all the differences in each snowflake. You have to move fast but it is so cool. I think my five dollar yard sale tasco is going to get alot of work in this year. Junah loves to look in it as well as the rest of us!

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Rochelle said...

We have soooo much snow! It's crazy. If you ever find anything at Barnes and Noble that you're just crazy about and want to save some money on, let me know. My hubby works there so he gets a nice little discount and I think we could gift send it to you or to the store for free. <3 Miss having a like minded person nearby! There is a DONA workshop here in April that I'm attending so I'll finally be official!

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