Monday, February 8, 2010


We were SHOCKED to wake up to this!!! THey said that we MIGHT get a dusting, an inch at the most last night. When E woke me up to come cuddle at 2 there was already about an inch and change and then we we woke up....

It snowed snow globe snow all day, and hard. I can't remember the last time I saw flakes this big...

I think Junah had been jaded from the last 'snow' outing. The ice would hold him some steps but not others and he was an unstable mess on it and had no trust of the good stuff we got this time. E on the other hand, ran full tilt out in the yard and threw himself face first down in it and started rolling around and making snow angels and snowballs. He was in heaven!!! I had to make my boy a snow man and I have to admit, I wanted to make him HUGE, like taller than me. Well I forgot how hard those balls are to roll once they fain some girth. Either way E loved it and has been viligent to make sure no nar-do-wells or malcontents take him down.
After about an hour and half we were all frozen and done and had to make it back on in. It did not take Junah long to pass out.

That afternoon our best friends called to tell us of there experiement they were doing with the different states of matter and the water cycle with the snow. I remembered doing this when I was little and loved it so we followed suit. FIrst we got a bowl of snow.

Easton then had to guess where the water would melt too. Would it take up more room or less? He was so close! Within a quarter of an inch!

We then brought that water to a boil to see the gas form. The whole time we took temps to show that it all ties together.

We ended a great day with more snow! Nick grew up with snow ice cream. His de dad and his dad both made it when it would snow so he wanted to carry that on with the boys. Junah could NOT get enough of this stuff!!

It was a very good day. By the end of the day we had 8 inches!!!

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Melissa said...

Oh the snow is so much fun!
And your little man's sweater outfit...
Too cute!

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