Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy DAY!

SO today was NON STOP! WE went to the fair this morn for an hour or so and walked around. No rides this time, it was way to crowded and the ride set up...lets just say I am not one to trust a carnies take or faith in physics or trig. They were all uneven and not so safe looking. E loved watching it all and was great the whole time. It really was a treat. Came home, had some quiet time and then it was off to the fall party that a friend of Nicks was having. It was great, aside from the shiner he got when he was running and took a dive into a rock, good thing it was his check and not an inch higher... We got to go on a hay ride and he LOVED it, especially the goats he saw...if only we could have a goat. But when the fire was lit, that is when he got excited, thanks to the Big Dog, he is one pyromanic!

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