Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Fire Fun!

Well we got to go back today and it was just as great as yesterday, got to bring the camera to catch some action shots. We had such a blast. It was pretty funny though when the room was quiet as the fireman read a story and Junah needed to nurse so I moved across the room with him in eyesight of E, but still in the room, well a few minutes later Easton thought it would be a good time to shout out across the room. " Mama, why you nursing Junah NOW?!" Nice Easton!:) Then when we were outside for more water shooting fun he sees a lil girl with her mom and they have on McCain/Palin buttons, and this troubled E deeply. " MCCAIN<>

On a true educational front, this morning Easton was really digging letters. We read his letter book a few times in a row and did his two alphabet puzzles. On his own he got B, O, and E. I was shocked about the B because that is nowhere in his name or in alot of his words about space so I was thrilled. I am enjoying his interest in letters and reading since Nick and I both love to read so much and I have read so much to him it feels good to know that he has been listening. He loves to 'read' to us now as well as Junah, melts my heart.

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