Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So it begins...

My goal right now is to make it through the day alive, and hopefully learn something along the way. First thing this morning we had a cool moment when we drove past a logging truck and seconds later the start of the framework for a new house. I got to explain how the trees cut down across the stree are put on those trucks and cut into pieces like the ones we saw at the homesite. When we got home I showed him how to find a stud and that the studs are like the bones of a house like what we saw going up. He thought it was all so cool. Also when we went to go see the planes take off we talked about the letter K since we were on Kilo Row and looked for K things around there.
I hope I can keep this excitment and enthusiasm about it all, I don't see how I can't as seeing him learn and the challenge to know the answers is awesome!

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