Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What A Great Day!

SO I thought that this morning was awesome when we were cutting up an apple and he kinda got that the eight pieces put together made one. ( fractions) and then we talked about the seeds and how they turn into trees or flowers or anything like that. He thought this was very interesting. We laid them on a wet paper towl in a ziploc bag to see if they will sprout. With great gusto I announce that we are going to the library to find a book on Johnny Appleseed and maybe see a train but what did we arrive to? In honor of Fire Prevention Week the CFD was up there reading books about fireman during story hour. Then they all helped ( there was about 7 of them) the kids one on one with crafts that they brought. The real icing on the cake, they brought them all out to show off the engines and let them hold the hose, pull back the lever, and spray the chiefs car one by one.
Now this could have gone one or two ways and six monthes ago it would have been catastrophic, but today was amazing. He walked in calmly and soooo happy, sat down with the other kids, listened amazingly well. Followed the craft perfect, and held my hand happily the whole time outside. It made my heart soar to see him keep looking back at me with such awe and happiness. It was one of my favorite moments as a mom with him. I am so glad that I am going to be able to share these moments with him. If this had been at school I would have missed the wonder and excitment, yes I would have heard it but to see it in his own eyes as it played out was priceless! They are going to be back tommrow and I am bringing the camera and we are going again, I can't wait!

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