Monday, January 12, 2009

Speech Fun

* EDITED * I am losing my mind, thought I sounded familar writing this so go and look back and saw a post almost like it! I swear everyday is groundhog day!

So E has been doing speech therapy for about a month or so now and I can really tell a difference. I guess I didn't really see what he needed until I started to see improvments. His therapist told me that he doesn't care at all for the flashcards that she has, he wants her to draw the picture and words so he come home with these little posters that we have all over at his level. When ever he passes them he stops and goes over them one at a time, and you can hear a difference. As always he enjoys the challenge and take it on with gusto! This week it is "D's" in the middle of a word. I love seeing how he takes on a challenge and the look of victory when he knows he nailed something hard for him. These picture seem to be helping with letters since he is correlating the sound to the letter and then the placment of it in the word so it is a bit of phonics as well.


Catherine said...

Great Idea. Im going to add this in our homeschooling.

Victoria said...

Sounds like therapy is going great! It's a nice change of pace for a client to actually
*do* their homework!

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