Wednesday, January 21, 2009

" Hey Y'all!! Watch This!"

Some say it is a rednecks last words, in our house it is the mantra of the days! I am rather proud of how I let go and let Easton be Easton. This little shannagans is his latest pride and self discovery. I guess it is a loose lesson in physics, or so I try and tell myslef! I know that a broken bone is only a matter of time but this is the activities that he craves and really truley craves. I feel very blessed to have him around. He is a constant reminder to not take life so seriously and to have fun!


Thompson said...

Very cute. I have to ask were you nursing too. I thought I could hear a lil one eating. Cute

StoicBirth said...

yep sure was! Par the usual!

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