Saturday, January 3, 2009

Space and Nature

So today was a great day! We had had enough of sitting around and the weather was GORGEOUS! We have thought of going to the Aerospace Museum to check it out for a while so we packed up the fam and headed on down. When we got there the building appreared to have alot of potential, you could see some old biplanes inside and it sat up on a hill so it looked rather large. Upon walking in there was a life size replica of a capsule and command module with an astronaunt space walking hanging from the ceiling and the room was round so all along the wall was a mural of space that was very well done, aside from the cheap and cheesey quarter games along the wall and the sparatic holes in the wall and nasty beat up carpet... We got very excited at the potential of what was to come up the stairs. At the top of the staris is the HUGE room with the rounded wall of windows. Very light and open. It housed about three or four larger old style planes and that was it. No real info on them or anything. Off to the corner were a few large curios of space, but more sci fi memorbilia. They actually had his huge Saturn V he got for Christmas and a few other random things, the COOLEST was a painting done by Al Bean and many of the apollo guys signed around it. Easton loved tracing the signatures of Charlie Duke, Al Bean, Jim Lovell and many more with his finger. He kept saying " letters like astronaunt" And that was it. It is sad the wasted potential of the place but at least we found a few good gems in the rough!
Since that adventure took all of 15 minutes tops we then wanted to go on over to the new nature center that opened downtown this past week. VERY cool. A perfect sized tank for all the very large native fish of this great state so that he could see righ in but also look down from the surface as well. They had a baby alligator which was a hit with him. Also all the furs he could touch and feel and caress. It was very well done and look forward to what else is to come to the facility.

SO lots of adventures today, I hope that has the weather becomes warmer and as the year goes on we can find more places like this to explore.

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Skip and Dash said...

Sounds like a fun day!

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