Monday, January 19, 2009

Free at last, free at last...

Today was an important day here. Not only is it a day to remember an amazing man and what all he did for us as a human race, but the eve of the swearing in of a man that 60 years ago could not even ride in the front of the bus. It was a great day for e to learn alot. We went to an event honoring middle school kids that have pledged to serve there community. It was so amazing to see so many kids wanting to do better. We also went to Central High, where the Little Rock Nine intergrated the school that changed the country. It was very powerful to stand there and see it in person. It was a wonderful day for e to learn about equality and hate and doing the right thing. All this is perefect timing for us right now. He has a little Dukes of Hazzard car that has the confederate flag on top. Well, we see that flag alot around here, but not for the right reasons. This week e has noticed them and gets all excited about it, something I am NOT happy about. This has led to talks about that flag and what it was and how that changed. It hurts me to have to explain to his sweet kind soul the honesty and harsh reality of racism, and how prominint it is here in our very town. I only hope he wil be among the future of change and hope and equality. I pray for our leaders saftey, I would hate to see the worst happen to such an amazing man.

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